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Monday, April 1st, 2013 09:19 pm
...I upgraded my and my mom's phones. For some reason my new every two discount kept falling out and I would say to customer service "that number can't be right" and they would say no it was and I would say "no" and think "I have a fucking calculator!".

...My Comcast bill arrived, ostensibly to reflect the changes I made last month in our plan. Last month I was charged a very small amount ($44?) which I think reflected the one-time charges that went with the new plan. So this month I was expecting a heftier bill to catch up. Total Amount Due: $0.25 I don't want to call them not because of the money but because you know it will be a cluster getting it fixed.

...I saw the ex bf from last fall, who would really like to get together again (not happening). He told me about taking his computer to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and realizing as the guy was opening it that he'd left it on some porn. And that tells you about what you need to know [not that I object to watching porn, rather I try to make sure people who might see my computer wouldn't see it].
kal: (oh boy)
Monday, January 28th, 2013 08:05 pm
Last Thursday I went on a night hike at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. The moonlight lit the landscape more brightly than you might expect. It was a clear night and pretty cold; we didn't see any animals, but it was still a lovely walk. We saw a beaver's lodge and area where they had created something of a dam with reeds (kind of like gardening).

Saturday night I sat next to a guy at the bar who told me, among other things, the he traps beavers (as a hobby). Apparently farmers ask him to do so. I asked him if he was going to pay for his meal with beaver skins thrown on the bar and we laughed but I was half serious. What is this, the fucking pioneer days?

Then I went home and watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which is one of the funnier comedies I've seen in a while. It kept having surprise actors like Frances McDormand and Alan Tudyk with a German accent, and Ken Jeong. Which reminds me, I should probably start a Community rewatch since the fourth season is back on Thursday night next week.

(cross-posted, apologies for any seeing this twice)