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October 6th, 2016

kal: (Default)
Thursday, October 6th, 2016 08:37 pm
Hello Dear Author! Thank you for signing up for Yuletide!

I Capture the Castle - I love all of the characters so while I requested Cassandra in particular, I'd be happy to see more of any of them. These are people destined to live adventurous lives. Part of me wants to believe Cassandra was involved in espionage during WWII - but maybe she ended up married to a vicar and knitted lots of sweaters.

The Girls of the Kingfisher Club - as a bossy oldest sibling, I sympathize with Jo. Can The General really settle down into domestic life? Does she build her own club empire or maybe take a complete turn and become a shoe designer?

Code Name Verity - Maddie and Julie deserve some happy stories - picnics they went on or when they schemed to get each other Christmas presents in the scarcity of war or whatever.

Alice in Wonderland - I have no particular desires but I included this because I have read some really great Alice crossovers [not necessarily with Alice in them]. Doesn't have to be a crossover though - what story or stories beg to be expanded on or told?

Actually in general I love a good crossover so feel free to bring in others to whichever the assignment is

I tend to prefer genfic but will read anything up to mature (straight or not), prefer no BDSM, non-con, or violence.

Have fun!