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Saturday, October 12th, 2013 10:12 am
This year I'm signing up for Yuletide, which means I have to request as well as offer, which was unexpected. But lovely! So these are my requests:

Call the Midwife - I am loving this series, how it shows the difficulties of East End London at that time along with local pride, the dedication of the midwives and Nonnatus House. Would love more on any of the four young midwives, whether backstory or expanding on something during the series. What lead them to become midwives, what were their earlier lives like, what do they hope for their futures.

Emily of New Moon - it was funny to me that we never learned much about Aunt Laura or Aunt Elizabeth. More about them would be welcome.

Betsy-Tacy series - this starts out with Betsy and Tacy's friendship but at some point Tacy seemed to kind of fall aside. I think she deserves a story focused on her - from any age, during the series or after.

Nero Wolfe series - I read these growing up and always had a bit of a crush on Archie. He and Wolfe made such a great team, balancing each others' strengths. A story about them together when they aren't working on a case perhaps.

Sorry if these are not very specific. I've requested books and TV that I really enjoy and would want more about. I'd lean toward genfic but any rating is fine, though I'd prefer no kink. Oh, and if you are feeling an AU, run with it.

Thank you Yuletide author! :)