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February 20th, 2013

kal: (Default)
Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 07:32 pm
Late last Oct I started a boot camp class. The description said it was for "all levels". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Everyone else was much more fit than me but I had resolved not to get competitive and to feel happy about doing my best. Which I did! I improved a lot, as you do when you start near rock bottom. After the class ended I went to one of the makeup sessions and then took a couple weeks off over the holidays. In early Jan. I started going again. In the six weeks of classes I missed one week because I was out of town, and one other class because I had spent a couple of hours shoveling snow and felt like my shoulders needed a break.

At the start of each session you do three exercises and at the end of the six weeks you do them again, to see how you've improved. My numbers were:

Push-ups in 1 minute - 28 (modified) at the start, 48 at the end
Squats in 1 minute - 35 at the start, 50 at the end
Plank - the one on your elbows not straight arms - for as long as you can hold it - at the start 1 min 6 sec, at the end 1 min 19 sec.

There were 9 women in class at the start, which quickly became 3 or 4. It's a 6 am class, it's winter, it's cold and dark. I didn't like any of that but I wanted to get better. After Marcie walked around and might ask "are those weights heavy enough?", I started picking up the next size up. (Not the big weights that the Superwomen used but not the lightest ones.) So it was very satisfying to see how much progress I made.

But there's a rub in this. The person who improves most gets a 30 min training session with Marcie. Marcie is like a whippet - she's tiny, probably weighs half of what I do, and is all muscle. I bet she can do one handed pushups without breaking a sweat. There were a few comments in class that made me feel like a couple women felt that I might have gamed it, not tried my hardest at the start. I probably could have done more squats but not 50. I definitely couldn't have done 48 push-ups.

I'm really happy to know how much I improved. \o/ go me! So I am thinking I will tell Marcie to give the free training session to Susan, aka Superwoman2. She will get a lot more out of it than I would. And she did improve a lot too, but she started out a lot better so she's more in the plateau phase of improvement.