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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 08:47 pm
Back in Feb., before the big blizzard, I stopped at the grocery store for milk LIKE YOU DO, and also picked up a snow shovel because we have some at the apt but they are crappy and years of living in snowy areas have led me to become a snow shovel connoisseur. The best shovels have a curved blade (scoop snow without have it fall or tip around) that's plastic (not too heavy) and a metal edge (to scrape at ice). I left it out so neighbors could use it too. The next day my roommate asked if I'd seen it - someone had broken it but left a note. M from upstairs left a very nice apology and her phone number. Initially I was annoyed so I didn't call right away, and by the time I did I had worked past the annoyance (I mean, it was a $16 shovel), she was very nice and insisted she would repay me if I bought a new shovel. My high shovel standards meant I preferred to buy the shovel myself. So I did and I kept meaning to call but didn't. (OK for me $20 isn't a big deal right now but phone calls, I do not like making them to people I don't know even when the people are really nice.) Plus I figured she was sharing a 2 BR apt with 3 other people, $20 might be a big deal to her. Let the whole thing go.

Today I heard a knock at the door and M had come down to be sure to give me the $20 because she's going away for a few months and was determined to get it settled. So I have $20 out of the blue.


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